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In today's turbulent business environment companies are facing some very real and testing challenges. In the modern business world, they have to contest with an ever increasing number of competitors, which means, they have to be quicker, more innovative and not least, they have to be adequately funded. This is why Quomundo AG is committed to the pervasive approach of broadening the capital base of its clients.


We specialise in raising capital for companies in Europe, strengthening the equity position through the successful identification of compatible investment sources and facilitating the transaction process. Our strength is the personal service our clients experience and one of our core competences lies in our vast international network of investors. Our background is within Director positions from Corporate and Private



Reasons to engage with us could be driven by a number of requirements, including: new Capital raising for expansion, creation of larger business units, or MBO/MBI Transactions. Our service range is always bespoke to our clients requirements. This means that if we cannot source a particular service, we will utilise one of our partner businesses to provide this for you.




Services to Investment Funds


Quomundo also works directly with Investment Funds to source Co-investors for Portfolio companies, locate buyers or sellers for Direct Secondary transactions and can additionally provide the introduction of new Limited Partners to leverage  the fundraising process.


Our vast international network of investors occupies Private Equity Funds, Family Offices, Venture Capital Funds, Pension Funds, Banks, (Ultra) High Net Worth Individuals and Strategic Investors. We would welcome a discussion on any aspect of your current or future requirements.




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"Our differentiators and our strength come from our understanding of operating businesses. Combined with our experience of working with investors throughout Europe, we provide a conduit for our clients"